How to operate Automatic Watches | Samuel James Watches

How to operate Automatic Watches | Samuel James Watches

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Forget about the Watch Batteries!

Ladies and Gentlemen that have an appreciation for craftsmanship and precision should seriously consider owning an Automatic Self-Winding Timepiece.

As hinted above, no batteries are ever required for an Automatic Movement. This is wonderful news for those of us who have plenty of dead watches sitting at home waiting to be taken to a jeweler for a battery swap.

When you invest in a fine Automatic Mechanical watch, it is essential to know how to operate your watch and take care of your new investment appropriately. 

With care and regular maintenance, your automatic watch should keep forever—or certainly for many years. So, forget about the watch batteries and let's dive in Ladies & Gentlemen!

What is an automatic watch?

Automatic watches aka “self-winding” automatic movements harness energy through the natural motion of the wearer’s wrist. Watches with automatic movements are desirable because the wearer doesn’t have to worry about winding the watch daily to ensure constant operation. But if the owner doesn’t wear the watch for some time, they will need to wind it to power the internal mechanisms. 

Does an automatic watch still require winding? In some instances, yes. Watches with an automatic feature that are worn regularly will mostly power themselves. 

How to self-wind?

To wind an Automatic Watch, make sure you are not wearing the watch, turn the crown of the watch clockwise, wind the crown about 30-38 times. 

This is practical if you don’t wear your watch very often or move it frequently. If the watch is worn every day, it will maintain timekeeping functions without winding, but if the watch hasn’t been worn for an extended period of time, it will need a quick wind to garner initial power.

Self-Wind Alternative

A great alternative to hand-winding automatic watches is to use a watch winder, which will keep the watch fully wound when it’s not being worn.

If it’s about the convenience of only ever having to set your watch once, then watch winders are a practical investment. The point of automatic watches is to spare their owners the burden of having to wind them daily.

Caring for Watch

  • Always keep the watch dry and clean 
  • Store in safe, clean, dust free environment
  • Avoid the watch being in excessive heat or extreme cold temperatures 
  • Avoid humidity
  • Get the watch professionally serviced every few years
  • Keep watch away from magnetic 


Automatic watches also evoke a rich history and tradition of watchmaking, not to mention their rarity relative to the far more ubiquitous quartz watches. Wealthy watch collectors yearn for this time-honored exclusivity, while others look on and aspire to it.

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