Men's Music Festival Fashion Guide | Samuel James Watches

Men's Music Festival Fashion Guide | Samuel James Watches

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Summer is rapidly approaching and with that, so is summer festival season. While festivals are a huge celebration of music and talent, they are also the epitome of two art forms joining forces-- music and fashion-- to the highest level. While there are no strict attire guidelines, festival attendees always dress to the nines. With that being said, here are a few tips if you’re a music festival newbie (or a aficionado) on what to wear to a music festival.

1. Printed Shirts

The best kind of printed shirts to wear to a music festival are bright, bold, and most importantly-- lightweight. You definitely want something that’s loosely fitted as you spend a long day in the sun. Floral print is a classic trend for summertime attire and will be sure to make a statement.


2. Denim

Denim is a quintessential festival staple. As the ultimate piece for youthful, edgy looks, denim also works well for your casual everyday wear. In terms of the wash to go for, light wash denim is super trendy and stylish and there are many places to find outfit inspiration. Black denim is also a classic and pairs well with white, neutrals, or other bright colours.


3. Shoes

If there’s anything you want to make sure on festival day, it’s to ensure that your shoes are comfortable. You will be walking around all day and the last thing you want to worry about is how badly your toes have blistered. With that being said, your shoes need to be able to withstand your festival adventures. The best advice is to wear closed toe shoes-- and there are tons of options. White sneakers are on trend, but with the amount of dust and dirt on festival grounds, boots also work.


4. Accessories

Accessories are the best part of putting an outfit together. They tie your entire look together and can be worn subtly or as a statement. Even better, you have many options to choose from when it comes to styling an outfit with accessories.

Sunglasses are a must-have in the summer heat. Mirrored sunglasses in particular are on-trend and a perfect way to bring colour into your look. There’s many different sunglasses frames that work with the mirrored lenses, which include aviators, wayfarers, and round ones. Choose which one works best with your face shape to prepare for a day in the sun.

Hats serve two purposes by being both functional and stylish. They add an extra element to your outfit and there are many styles to choose from. Baseball caps work well for keeping your hair out of your eyes and for protecting your face. Fedoras are great as a finishing touch to a bohemian-inspired outfit.

Watches are classic pieces that will be sure to come in handy at music festivals. You can rest assured that you won’t miss or be late for your favorite act as you keep track of time on your wrist. With a watch, there’s no need to waste your valuable phone battery on checking the time  throughout the day and to be extra safe, wear a watch that runs without batteries so that you never get stranded.

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