Rules of Black-Tie Formal Dress for Gentlemen | Samuel James Watches

Rules of Black-Tie Formal Dress for Gentlemen | Samuel James Watches

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Gentlemen, it’s not cute to arrive to a formal event wearing a completely inappropriate outfit. May this quick guide keep you from embarrassing yourself and help shed some light on how to dress for your next Formal Black-Tie Event.

Be excited, this is your opportunity to stand out and look like James Bond.





Formal Events: Black-Tie

What is it? A black-tie event is a formal event or party that takes place in the evening, generally after 7 pm. Typical black tie occasions include balls, galas, dinner, dance, fundraiser, and formal weddings. More sophisticated than regular social gatherings and business functions, a black tie event requires a highly polished style of dress. 

 "You can never be overdressed or overeducated." Oscar Wilde

What Should I wear? You want modern, simple, and clean. A well-tailored black tuxedo is the best option for a classic look that won’t date and can be worn time after time.

Jacket & Pants: A tuxedo is simply a formal jacket and pant made from the same cloth trimmed with contrasting black satin or grosgrain on the lapels, jacket and pant pocket piping, buttons, waistband, and outseam stripe on the formal pant. The color of the tuxedo is traditionally black. However, other popular options are shades of blue from midnight navy to royal blue and grey tones. 

Bow tie: Yes, a real black bow tie, not a clip on. A velvet, satin, or grosgrain black bow tie will work just fine. YouTube has million videos for you to learn how to tie a bow tie properly. 

Shirt: A classic white spread collar shirt or wing collar shirt with French cuffs. You can either have a plain non-textured formal white shirt or opt for a dressy white-on-white with fancy textures. French cuffs are perfect for your classy cufflinks. This little accessory makes a big impression, it's a must have that you won't regret. Shop Watch Cufflinks 










The Shoes:  You can keep your shoes classic as with a patent Oxford or go more modern with a slightly narrower round-toed style shoe. Don't forget the mid-calf evening socks in your classic naturals such as black and navy. 

“Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.” – Charles Hix













Suspenders: A tuxedo or formal pant will never be made to be worn with a belt. Most have adjustable side tabs on the waistband and formal brace buttons in the interior of the waistband to secure your set of formal suspenders.


When in doubt, overdress, Gentlemen! 

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