ushering in a new era of art

the experience of receiving a timepiece that exceeds your expectations will not be forgotten

samuel james watches ltd

Our story begins in the Chicago-land suburbs. A watch lover and artist named Samuel decided He wanted to create artistically inspired wristwatches containing sophisticated style. Each watch has been carefully hand designed giving you an exclusive luxury watch that will be with you for years to come.

no more "throwaway" brand watches

"There is nothing more disappointing than discovering you were the sucker that bought a “throwaway” brand watch that fell apart a few months later. I wasted hundreds of dollars before I realized I was paying for brand names and not the true value of the watches. Oddly enough, that experience became the fuel to my fire for creating Samuel James Watches."
"As a hobby I began hand designing watches that were unusual and abnormal compared to the current trends. I was encouraged by family and friends to take the designs to the next level and bring them to life. I quickly discovered in the “Watch Market World” anyone can sell poor-quality watches attached to a high markup price. It takes a company that has integrity to offer fair prices that match the value of their products; that’s the type of company worth creating." ~Samuel

samuel james watches ltd

handmade designs

"Intertwining quality craftsmanship with an unusual detailed artistic touch"