Craftsmanship Samuel James Watches


316L Steel or Rose gold

Further details: The case is the “Container” that holds the Movement, Dial, Jewels, Housing, and sub dials. It is connected to many parts such as the Lugs, Crown, Bezel, and Case Backing. There are many various types of materials that can be used so this is a very important aspect to pay attention to when purchasing a Watch. We have decided to us 316L Steel or also known as Surgical Steel for our Watch cases for a number of reasons. The 316L Steel contains a higher molybdenum and nickel content which performs better corrosion resistance than 304 steel (many Watch Companies use 304 steel). Along with exceptional corrosion resistance when exposed to a variety of environments, 316L Steel is more scratch and abrasion resistant than 304. Due to having less nickel in it, the 316L steel stays extremely brighter in appearance and tends to stay that way over time. Watch Cases are tremendously important for increasing the lifespan of your watch and keeping your Watch looking fresh.


Sapphire Crystal-Scratch Resistance and Anti-Glare 

Further details: Sapphire is second only to a diamond in hardness and is extremely durable. Thus, improving the longevity of the watch and avoiding scratches, cracks, dents, smudges, etc. Mineral glass is a less expensive substitute for Sapphire glass and is more likely to show scratches and wear on your watch which is why we won’t ever use it.


316L Steel or Rose gold

Further details: The purpose of the Crown on a Watch is to adjust the time, date, day, and any sub dials the Watch has. Since all of our Watches are Self-Winding Automatic Movements, the crown is also used for winding or stopping the Watch. Our Crowns are made out of 316L Steel because we believe Crowns should be made out of a material that is tough and scratch resistant due to it being exposed to every day wear and tear. To avoid debris and moisture getting into the Watch, we mounted steel threading in the Crown.


Auto-Mechanical Self-Winding

Further details: Every Watch contains a movement, Mechanical or Quartz. Quartz watches are battery dependent and mechanical movements are not. Our Calypso collection is a Self-Winding Mechanical Movement. This movement never requires a battery because when you are wearing the watch it will naturally wind itself by gravity causing the movement to wind as you are naturally moving your arm during the day. If you are not wearing your watch for an amount of time, you can wind it up again simply by turning the crown on the watch 30-40 times and you are good to go. Mechanical Movements are known for their longevity and their intricate craftsmanship. We build our Mechanical Watches with the quality and capability of lasting a lifetime.


316L Steel or Rose gold

Further details: The bezel is located on top on the Watch Case, it is the ring that surrounds the Crystal and holds it in place. If you use low quality material for a Bezel or if it is not installed correctly, you will run into Internal Water Damage issues that will most likely compromise the Watch. The Bezel is one of the parts of the Watch that is incorporated in giving the first impression of your Watch so you want a material that is resistant to scratches and corrosion. Again, we use 316L Steel due to its abilities to protect the Crystal and will remain aesthetically pleasing throughout the course of the Watch’s lifespan.


5ATM (50 meters deep water resistant)

Further details: Water resistance is measured in pressure, 1 ATM is the standard pressure of the atmosphere at sea level. At 5 ATM, You have the ability to swim in a pool, sea, etc. with your Samuel James Watch. Since we make our watch bands out of genuine leather, typically water is not recommended to get on leather products. In order to extend the lifespan of genuine leather bands, we don’t recommend keeping your watch on in the water but know if it happens, your watch will be fine.

Watch Bands

Full grain Genuine Leather

Further details: There is nothing as disappointing as purchasing a “Genuine Leather” item and realizing it isn’t exactly “Genuine”. When we say our Leather Straps are “Genuine Leather”, we mean it. That means it isn’t “Faux Leather”, “Polyurethane”, “Plastic”, or “Vinyl”-its real legit leather. Our Leather Straps are durable to remain strong against every day wear and tear. All the straps we make are interchangeable due to the quick-release mechanism located on the bottom side of the strap. The buckles on our straps are made out of 316L Steel, corrosion and scratch resistant. We also went the extra mile and decided to throw in a customized Samuel James Lion logo engraved into every 316L Steel strap buckle because details are what make great products incomparable.

Watch Roll up Case

Full grain Genuine Leather
Further details: Our handcrafted is made out of Genuine Leather. Our custom made leather case holds a striking rustic saddle brown along with the embossed Samuel James Logo on the front. It contains three pockets that can comfortably hold three watches or extra watch straps for storage or when you are traveling. And of course like any real leather product, it has that Wonderful smell of fresh new leather.