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With humble roots in the Northern Chicago Suburbs, we are a small-town watch company full of elegant watches. In 2017 our founder, Samuel, began creating sophisticated watches for Gentlemen of all ages.

Since then we have established a luxurious line of Ladies watches, Watch Accessories and Gentlemen’s Cufflinks.

Why we do what we do? If we are being honest, appearances matter, regardless if we want to render this verdict or not. Our external appearances are silently telling a story of who we are and demonstrating self-respect or lack of. A gentleman/Lady understands the influence of His/her appearance—the way He/She chooses to dress, groom, and carry themselves is either a bridge or a barrier to their success…what people perceive, is what they expect.

Our purpose is to set you Ladies and Gentlemen on track to living more confident & successful lives. We have heard it all before but still holds truth, the best investment you can make is in yourself. Don’t miss out reaping the benefits of venturing into quality accessories because these have proven to be the lasting impressions people notice.

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