time to make a change

We are a small-town watch company with some unusual watches. Our story began in the Chicago-land where a watch lover and artist named Samuel decided He wanted to create artistically inspired wristwatches. You can see for yourself they contain sophisticated style without destroying your bank account which is pretty awesome. Built on a passion for watches and art, our timepieces are tailored for unique individuals that love quality and aren’t afraid to stand out. But more importantly, we are changing the world by committing to donate $10 of each watch purchase to non-profit organizations.

our mission

"We are not just another watch company, we are a company on a mission to impact lives. Giving back isn't just a good idea, it's a necessity. I strongly believe we are accountable for helping those who are in need. We are responsible for cleaning up the damage we have done to our environment. If you hold these moral values as well, join our mission to positively change the world one watch at a time!"


every watch purchase changes lives

partnering non-profits

Each month we collect $10 from every watch purchased during that period.  At the end of the month we make a grand total donation to a non-profit. On a monthly basis we rotate the different non-profit organizations we donate to. (We make announcements which non-profit we are supporting that month.) Every dollar we are able to donate has the power to greatly impact our world and the lives in it. Here are just a few of the non-profit charities and organizations we stand behind. Thank you for your support!